About Jason Ide

Jason Ide

Jason Ide

Jason Ide currently serves as the President of Teamsters Local 814, a position he has held since 2010. Voted into the role at the age of 28, Mr. Ide ranks among the youngest principal officers serving the Teamsters Union today. He assumed this capacity following six years of experience in the local union. As union president, he represents 1,000 workers in negotiating various contracts. He also defends these contracts as well as the arbitration of union members, filing grievances when necessary. In addition to his primary responsibilities, Mr. Ide also operates within a number of related organizations. He presently sits on Joint Council 16’s Political Outreach Committee and serves as a Trustee with both the Northern New Jersey Teamsters Benefit Plan and the Teamsters Local 814 Pension and Annuity Funds.

Jason Ide has achieved numerous successes during his tenure as President of Teamsters Local 814. In only two years, Mr. Ide managed to significantly enhance the degree of contract enforcement as well as the quality of the contacts in general. He also helped stabilize the local union’s finances, bolstering worker benefits and paying off all debts. In this vein, Mr. Ide helped raise wages and secure the pension fund for 800 workers by negotiating a strong moving and storage contract. Recently Mr. Ide led an international contract fight on behalf of locked out workers at Sotheby’s auction house. In June of 2012, the workers returned to work with the Union achieving a key contract victory.”

Jason Ide has a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from the University of Michigan, where he studied labor history and political theory. While in residence at the University of Michigan, he joined Students Organizing for Labor Equality and ultimately marshaled a campus strike in support of ongoing labor disputes, organizing 500 students to picket in demand of a reasonable standard of wages and benefits for the Lecturers Union. Jason Ide maintains ongoing membership in the International Brotherhood of Teamsters.


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